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How to be an herbalist every day and every night, living in the world.  Where to start , where to look and how to keep learning herbalism.  What is worth your time and investment.  How to  learn tree identification, how to lead a tree walk. make a tonic herbal formula or a simple herb tea from the tree you can see right now, build muscle or how pick your wild food are all part of the realm of herbalism.  Herbalism honors shamanic journeys as well as scientific research and the countless folk traditions from around the planet.  Local is important, no matter where plant of human origins. Living ordinary life as an herbalist involves physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  



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Allegheny Herbal


Allegheny Herbal

Herbals Skills Program: Online!

January 2018

Leslie Alexander Ph.D., RH(AHG) & Leslie Williams RH(AHG), M.Ed. 


  practice working with real people with real health concerns

grow your understanding of holistic protocols, herbs and formulas

ground your herbal confidence in authentic experience

know where to find resources to keep growing your skills

This is a roundtable forum to safely share herbal casework -with  support, advice and supervision from practicing herbalists who work with people.                                   

                                                   Sign up for the winter online program with Allegheny Herbal 13 weeks - Tuesday nights.

We have presented at national herbal conferences and at excellent herb schools - this will be our first time presenting this entire program as one cohesive program to independent herbalists!  

 This complete 13 week series is best live, interactively and in real time, but you get an audio-video recording of each session as well - so you can refer back to specific cases any time. 

You can bring at least one case to discuss. We encourage you to join in the discussion of all cases to give you herbal practice.

To take advantage of this program you do need to study. We provide you with the templates,  supervision, the forms, the networking and the resources but you will do the work.  

Herbal first aid, urban and wilderness events, long term chronic conditions, common virus and infections - depth of knowledge. 

13 sessions, 2 hours each on Tuesday evenings, 8-10pm, online, specific clinical skills discussion and exploration, real cases. $250. 

We keep our enrollment for this program at 12 herbalists, so get in touch.  


Leslie Alexander RH(AHG). Phd,


Leslie Williams RH(AHG), M.Ed.,


Our mission is to teach people how to be herbalists, and to actively encourage and support the continuing development of skills, both for the student and the practicing herbalist.

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Allegheny Herbal is rooted in Western Pennsylvania, with extension now all the way to Atlanta, GA.  Leslie Alexander and Leslie Williams are each registered professional herbalists with the American Herbalist Guild. Each has a clinical herbal practice.

Our aim is to offer training in herbal skills and wisdom whether for the community and family herbalist, wildcrafter and herbal medicine maker, clinical and medicinal herbalist or general student of herb lore.

Leslie Alexander PhD, RH(AHG)           Leslie Williams, RH(AHG)