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How to be an herbalist every day and every night, living in the world.  Where to start , where to look and how to keep learning herbalism.  What is worth your time and investment.  How to  learn tree identification, how to lead a tree walk. make a tonic herbal formula or a simple herb tea from the tree you can see right now, build muscle or how pick your wild food are all part of the realm of herbalism.  Herbalism honors shamanic journeys as well as scientific research and the countless folk traditions from around the planet.  Local is important, no matter where plant of human origins. Living ordinary life as an herbalist involves physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  



Allegheny Herbal

Our mission is to teach people how to be herbalists, and to actively encourage and support the continuing development of skills, both for the student and the practicing herbalist.

Allegheny Herbal Clinical Round Table: Online! 

Join us 6-7:30 p.m. or 8-9:30 p.m. EST online, the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

Fee: $25/session, or $20/two or more

An interactive round-table and case review forum offering clinical time to herbalists wishing to gain and enhance clinical skills. Our small group focus helps to ensure an interactive learning space to discuss real cases in real time, including holistic and herbal assessments, protocols and formulating.

Registration for each round-table will be open until 6 p.m. EST the day before class

To enroll, or for more information about monthly payment plans, fill out the form below or contact

Leslie Alexander Ph.D., RH(AHG) & Leslie William RH(AHG), M.Ed.

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Our clinical round table is aimed at practicing herbalists and students wishing to develop, expand and enforce clinical skills.  Each round table meets from noon-4p.m. at the public library in Franklin PA. Please email for more information. Cost is $40/session.

We cover topics such as non-verbal assessments and intake procedures; case study review and on-site client interviews; the documentation and organizational skills necessary for effective, efficient herbal practice; how to build a holistic protocol and formulate herbs; clues and solutions found within comprehensive health issues; and the promotion of ease. Together we discuss and explore all varieties of health issues and stresses that can occur in clinical practice. 

Round Table training, from an holistic perspective, will focus on the development of client protocols, assessment skills, herbal formulating and materia medica.  Clinical training and certificates will be offered. Attendance can be on a session-by-session basis or for the season.

Our weekend intensives are designed for those wanting to further develop their knowledge and skills. These round tables include the same framework many have come to appreciate, with additional time for practice, reflection, discussion, and field work.



Allegheny Herbal is rooted in Western Pennsylvania.  Leslie Alexander and Leslie Williams are each registered professional herbalists with the American Herbalist Guild. Each has a clinical herbal practice.

Our aim is to offer training in herbal skills and wisdom whether for the community and family herbalist, wildcrafter and herbal medicine maker, clinical and medicinal herbalist or general student of herb lore.

Leslie Alexander PhD, RH(AHG)           Leslie Williams, RH(AHG)