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How to be an herbalist every day and every night, living in the world.  Where to start , where to look and how to keep learning herbalism.  What is worth your time and investment.  How to  learn tree identification, how to lead a tree walk. make a tonic herbal formula or a simple herb tea from the tree you can see right now, build muscle or how pick your wild food are all part of the realm of herbalism.  Herbalism honors shamanic journeys as well as scientific research and the countless folk traditions from around the planet.  Local is important, no matter where plant of human origins. Living ordinary life as an herbalist involves physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  



Allegheny Herbal: Combining Herbs for Healing ​8-10PM EST online


Allegheny Herbal programs are co-taught with the extraordinary herbalist, Leslie Alexander.  Ordinary Herbalist programs are those of Leslie Williams.  Get in touch for details and sign-up for either.

Allegheny Herbal: Combining Herbs for Healing ​8-10PM EST online

2017-05-19 09.35.45.jpg
2017-05-19 09.35.45.jpg

Allegheny Herbal: Combining Herbs for Healing ​8-10PM EST online


Online Leslie Williams with Leslie Alexander! 8-10 PM ET September 4-December 4  - Working with clients? Or yourself? It can often it's unclear where we go next, once you've completed a client intake interview, or a followup. You have observations and  notes.


If we addressed everything possible all at once, our clients are overwhelmed! That's not our aim. If we addressed everything, we might spread healing potentials too thin. So where do we start? And in what form do we offer healing herbs? When do we choose between a foot bath or a tincture, an infused oil, an aerosol or a tea? How do we put herbs together?

How do we prioritize our client's concerns and life realities and how do we combine these with our own priorities for the client? Of course, "the client" may well be ourselves, a child or work partner or a stranger. And then, of course, we formulate. Do we use simples or pairs? The hows and whys as we develop a protocol, a plan.

Herbalists Leslie Alexander & Leslie Williams
are bringing years of clinical teaching experience together
& offering a 13 session online program
to answer these questions and more

This online Round Table will run online using a Zoom platform

September 4th through December 4th

All of our online classes are recorded, both audio & video should folks wish to study - or perhaps miss a class.

The Round Table affords a safe, gentle and open-minded atmosphere for growth & development

Join us.
13 weeks,
2 hours each session
$250 payment plans available

Enrollment will be limited to facilitate discussion
so please contact us if you are interested.

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