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How to be an herbalist every day and every night, living in the world.  Where to start , where to look and how to keep learning herbalism.  What is worth your time and investment.  How to  learn tree identification, how to lead a tree walk. make a tonic herbal formula or a simple herb tea from the tree you can see right now, build muscle or how pick your wild food are all part of the realm of herbalism.  Herbalism honors shamanic journeys as well as scientific research and the countless folk traditions from around the planet.  Local is important, no matter where plant of human origins. Living ordinary life as an herbalist involves physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  



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Extra-ordinary Herbal Study - workshops and classes

workshops and herb classes

Summer Herbalist workshops 2019

Ordinary Herbalist, Grey Rat School of Herbs

Pine Lake, GA


All materials are included in cost. If you need to cancel you may transfer your registration to someone else or to a later class, with advance notice. If weather is too harsh for travel, we may reschedule.


The Herbal Dog.  Saturday Aug 10.  10am-1pm Pine Lake.  All about safe and supportive herbs for dogs – both topically and internally.  Suitable for all levels of herbal skill.  We will stress local plants and trees but also common and well-known herbs, delivery systems and dosing. Also we will review – with a volunteer dog – assessments.  We will make insect deterrents and/or herbal tonics useful for canines, including first aid.  Reference list for further study provided, and a chance to review herbal dog books. Preregistration requested so we have plenty of supplies for everyone. Limited size class.  $40


**********Medicinal plant and tree walk. RESCHEDULED - Pine Lake. Sunday, August 18th,  6:00pm

LATER IN THE FALL - Alas for blazing hot weather, we have rescheduled this marvelous workshop to later in the fall. Stay in touch. Materia medica workshop. Harvesting and making medicines... Experience new herbs and new formulations.  Medicinal plant and tree walk around Pine Lake and wetlands, followed by our own Quiet Gardening medicinal gardens, weeds and trees.  We will make herb vinegars, oils, salves, tinctures and powders from plants we gather, plus a selection of already harvested herbs from our Apothecary.  We’ll discuss combining herbs, cooking and extraction times, chemistry, flavors and the joys of the season. Preregister, Limited enrollment. All materials included.  $40.


Clinical Herbalist Round Table,

co-led by Leslie Alexander Phd, RH(AHG). Wednesday or Thursday evenings 7-9pm eastern time, ONLINE. Do you work with your friends and family? with your neighbors and co-workers? grow your knowledge of how to work with other people - beyond first aid, we discuss the chronic and common conditions that can be supported by holistic and herbal approaches.

The Clinical Round Table is THE place to

~ gain clinical hours and work with a variety of cases
~ expand your experience of assessment skills and with presenting case materials
~ explore how others compile protocols
~ discuss client notes & gain feedback from peers

THE Round Table is a confidential, safe, positive environment for anyone who wishes to expand their expertise, bring a case of their own &/or enhance their own clinical practice. Online, participants can join via desktop, laptop, portable device or phone.

Some herbalists who participate in the Round Table have a practice. Others work with family, friends and colleagues. Some have decades of experience, others are just opening their doors to the public.

Interested? Please do inquire about reserving a seat at The Table.

This year, we are offering two sessions. Feel free to sign up for Wednesday nights, Thursday nights or both. We run from 7-9PM eastern time. Video & audio recordings are available for all sessions, for study or should you miss an evening.

Wednesdays: October 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 21, December 4, 11, 18 & January 2020 ... 8, 15, 22 & 29

Thursdays: October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 22, December 5, 12, 19 & January 2020 ... 9, 16, 23 & 30

Each Wednesday or Thursday session offers 26 hours of in-depth clinical practice. Fee $250

Spaces are limited ... reserve yours today!

email to ask questions, register and arrange for payment!

Done for 2019. Tree medicine workshop 2019

5 sessions/ 2 hours each 7-9pm eastern time.  Wednesday evenings, online. Attendance is encouraged but not required.  You receive video and audio of each session and can send in questions if you like. In depth notes and resource lists.  Q&A.  Assignments available for those who would like a certificate. 

$99 for the Tree Medicine workshop.

We will study tree bark, flowers, leaves, twigs, roots, seeds, resins, fruit, needles and cones.  Tree ID, sustainable harvesting, recipes, energetics, solvents and medicinal formulas.  How to peel bark, use common backyard trees that don't get a lot of notice and parts of trees not in the common books.  Native trees, landscape trees and invasives. New research and how you can continue to stay current on herbal worldwide herbal medicine research.  Actions and properties of trees

Useful if you:

            make herbal medicines, incense, nourishing foods

            formulate herbal body care products

            work with others and their health conditions

            teach herbal classes

            use local herbs or commercially sourced herbs

            want to go beyond "willow bark tea instead of aspirin!" 

Payment by paypal, (gulfwren at, check, cash.  Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.  

(2 Atlanta area tree ID walks available if you are nearby and interested)

March 6, 13, 20, 27; April 3rd 

Sign up for both the Tree Medicine workshop AND the Herbs for virus/ fungus/ pain/ workshop for $159.  

************************Herbs and protocols for virus, fungus, infection and pain**********************************************

5 weeks online in real time - attendance is encouraged by not required. Video and audio recordings of all sessions.

Extensive resource lists. 

April 18, 25, May 1, 8, 15.

How do herbs work to support our healing from viral, bacterial or fungal infections?  What are broad vs narrow spectrum anti-viral herbs? What are common herbs and dosages to consider when we need to address these issues?  What are differences between conditions of mucus membranes and those of skin or organs? 

We will cover the basics of how all these types of infections behave in our body to better understand approaches to finding remedies.  Then we look at actions, properties and specific herbs and herbal combinations. This is a practical workshop for herbalists who make herbal products and those who may work with others, including their own health. We talk a lot about “anti-viral” and “anti-microbial” herbs, but what are the differences? How do we select the best one for a specific situation? This will indeed increase your personal materia medica as you learn details about herbs you thought you knew all about!

This workshop costs $99.  If you sign up for this workshop as well as the Tree Medicine workshop you do get a price of $159.  

Please respect that this work is my livelihood and do not over share or give away my work. Any questions please get in touch with me!  Assignments and projects available for anyone who would like a certificate of completion. 

April 18, 25; May 1, 8, 15.   7-9PM eastern time online! video available so attendance in real time is optional.



Classes and workshops in the past that might return-

Herbal Dog. Herbs for Immunity. Mid-South Women's Herbal Conference, 2018

Tree Medicine. The Alcohol-free Herbalist. American Herbalist Guild national Symposium, October 2018.

The Art of Formulation. Botanologos Herbal School, Clayton GA. Weekend intensive. 9/2017.

Practical Chemistry for Herbalists!, Great Lakes Herb Faire, Chelsea MI 2018.

Herb/drug Interactions. Great Lakes Herb Faire, Chelsea MI 2017.

Materia Medica online workshop series, 26 hours, spring 2017.

Tree Medicine: webinar: American Herbalist Guild 2016.

Reclaiming Herbs for Depression. Herbalist approaches to Sleep. Florida Herb Conference.

Working with Others: Herbalist Clinical Skill Roundtables, Allegheny Herbal - with Leslie Alexander RH(AHG), Phd. Online and in weekend intensives, 5 years ongoing.


Allegheny Herbal - Weekend intensive: with Leslie Alexander RH, Phd.

                               October in Erie 2017  - weekend Intensive, Case review and clinical skill workshop -

                               April in Erie: weekend intensive of case Reviews - April 15-17, 2016  



Florida Herbal Conference,  Feb. 27-March 1, 2015


Herbal Formulating - This workshop focuses on the foundational thinking we use, and how we most effectively learn new herbs in our own materia medica. Draws on ideas from Ayurveda, TCM, Physio-medicalist, Eclectics, William LeSassier and modern approaches, then applies these concepts to building basic formulas.

Breaking Addictions: Herbal Support - Herbal and nutritional support can make a powerful difference in working with individuals who want to break addictions, and an individual holistic protocol is key. Pharmaceuticals, OTC’s, and street drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco, are considered. Nearly all addictions can bring nutritional deficiencies as well, and this is an important part of a plan for recovery.

Herbal Dog Care - Dogs are quite sensitive to herbal therapy, and can be much more compliant than many human clients. Examples of useful herbs and herbal combinations specifically designed for dogs will be discussed.


American Herbalist Guild National Symposium, 2014 November

Herbalism in Context: Interpreting a Client Interview and shaping an Outcome.  with esteemed herbalist Leslie Alexander, Ph.D., RH(AHG).

In practice, we observe, listen, interact and assess a client. We ask questions and measure replies. We aim to collect a rounded profile of an individual which extends beyond their symptom profile and addresses not only their physical well-being but also their emotional and spiritual well-being. After an initial assessment, whether at home, at a county fair or in a clinic, , and we have the task of prioritizing information; grouping like with like, identifying places where we may well need additional information so that we can offer a holistic protocol. How do we effectively use the pieces of information that we collected? The scalloped tongue; the health history; the list of daily pharmaceuticals; the social isolation? And how do these pieces fit with why a client asked for a consult in the first place? The process of sorting this information and shaping it into a realistic and holistic protocol for a client is the challenge. We will discuss this and work through big and small questions while using case study examples. Whether we work with a huge apothecary from several traditions or we work with a dozen herbs from our kitchen, or kitchen garden – the same principles and skills apply. How do we decide where to begin? What is more important and what sort of timeline do we use? Where do we focus our attention? Should herbs be a primary resource? And if not, why not? Join us as we address these questions and build a holistic protocol together.

Medicinal Tree Walk 

Tree medicine is often overlooked and in the southeastern USA we have an abundance of medicinal trees that can stock an apothecary. Focus on what is present now, natives as well as non-natives and invasives; believe it is important to discuss ethical harvesting, preservation as well as the historical uses and current research. The traditional spirit energies of trees are important to consider as well.

Speaker: Leslie Williams, RH(AHG)

Herbalism in Context: A Round Table to Enhance Clinical Skills

Allegheny Herbal Weekend Intensives with
Leslie Alexander, RH(AHG) and Leslie Williams, RH(AHG) 

Fri. July 25-Sun. July 27, with jim mcdonald in White Lake, MI.
For students and practitioners working with clients, family, friends, community or clinic. 

Early registration for full weekend (Fri evening - Sun afternoon) is $250. / $275 after July 14, if space available. Fri evening only $20. Full weekends include lunches, snacks and beverages. Enrollment limited.
To register, contact Leslie Williams at 513.256.3969 or For information on CEU's or other program details, contact Leslie Alexander at 814.516.2634 or

Round-table workshops focus on clinical skills for herbalists.  Our weekend intensives are designed with extensive interactive practice and participatory exercises for those wanting to further develop their knowledge and skills. Together we practice, discuss, learn about and explore all varieties of health issues and stresses that can occur in clinical practice. 

Midwest Women's Herbal Conference 2014

June 6-8


  • Creating a Holistic Herbal Protocol (taught with Leslie Alexander, RH(AHG)

  • Breaking Addictions: herbal support

Past Midwest Women's Herbal Conference workshops

  • The Alcohol Free Herbalist, all about vinegar, glycerites, pills, foods miso and lots more

  • Herbs for a Healthy Liver and Gall Bladder

  • Herbal Foot Care

Florida Herbalist Conference 2014

Feb 28-Mar 2    


  • Sleep - It's not so simple

  • Translating the old words and herbs for a troubled spirit - Depression and stress

As a 7th generation Florida native, Leslie Williams has a special connection to the swamps and trees and plants of Florida - both those native and those who have moved from elsewhere.  We are all invasive species. 

Herbal Resurgence/ Rendezvous

Sept. 18-22, 2013  AZ


  • The Feral Herbalist: How to become an herbalist free of monetary excess.

Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, Black Mountain NC,

Oct. 11-13, 2013


  • Tree and medicinal herb walk

  • Alcohol Free Herbalism demonstrating glycerites, salts, herbal vinegars, honeys and teas.

Previous classes that may return:  

  • The Organized Herbalist. Practical wisdom on how to keep track of your herbal path.

  • Wild Food, tree and medicinal plant ID walks

  • Tonic herbs

  • Herbal support for drug and addiction recovery

  • Herbal Foot Care

  • Just Muscles - Herbal solutions to muscle pain, muscle wasting, loss of muscle tone, as well as support for building muscle and healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Bones -myths, minerals, menopause. How bones work and what they need. What do tests mean and what foods are most supportive of strong healthy bones at every age.

  • Herbal Clinical supervision. Many graduates of herbal programs are excellent herbalists at putting together a protocol of herbs and procedures to improve health, but still have little practical experience one on one with real clients. Assessment, consulting skills, boundaries, and lots of practical tips for working with people.

  • Herbal Dog Care and Herbs for Horses. Two useful basic courses.