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How to be an herbalist every day and every night, living in the world.  Where to start , where to look and how to keep learning herbalism.  What is worth your time and investment.  How to  learn tree identification, how to lead a tree walk. make a tonic herbal formula or a simple herb tea from the tree you can see right now, build muscle or how pick your wild food are all part of the realm of herbalism.  Herbalism honors shamanic journeys as well as scientific research and the countless folk traditions from around the planet.  Local is important, no matter where plant of human origins. Living ordinary life as an herbalist involves physical, mental and spiritual discipline.  




Being an herbalist

Ordinary Herbalism is the entire world of herbalism, with focus on your personal connection to herbalism, to trees and plants, to other creatures and to the cosmos.  The goal is for each individual to explore their best path for learning how to build a lifelong practice of herbalism. 

Individualized instruction is key and we each have different passions.  You do not need to fit yourself into One-size-fits-all as an herbalist - most important is to learn how to think, how to find and explore information and how to see patterns that are practical and useful in your practice - whether you grow herbs, work with others, teach, make products, write or all of these.   

Online classes are designed for students who prefer or require a more self-determined schedule. Please note that some classes are taught as part of Allegheny Herbal, with herbalist Leslie Alexander RH, Phd.

Onsite classes can be a class, a roundtable discussion, a day concocting salves and lotions and formulating tea. You can work in an abundance of forms -  in a classroom or on a hike all along a ridge at midwinter.  We are a school without walls.  We have guest lectures streamed live from herbalists around the world - we bring student presentations to share.  Weekend intensives in real time and spaces are scheduled as seasons permit. 

We meet where the plants are, or in a kitchen, or on a forest path, or in a big empty room which we will fill up with discussions of healing plants and people.  We discuss modalities with other practitioners and study to understand lab reports, pharmaceutical interactions and alchemical allusions and spiritual malaise. 

Knowing where to look and who to ask for information is a part of spinning a web of reliance and confident herb work. Exploring local herbs, trees, resources is a foundation of our philosophy of healing. 

Clinical mentoring is available for independent herbalists and for graduates of other herbal programs who would like supervision for work with clients. Whatever your particular herbal path, if you want to discuss it with a practicing herbalist, get in touch.   Also guidance in the application process to become a registered herbalist (RH) with the American Herbalists' Guild is available. 

Allegheny Herbal - With Herbalist Leslie Alexander, RH(AHG), Phd. Roundtable forums online and in person focused on herbalist skills for working with others, growing and using herbs, formulating and creating protocols. 

Certificates which attest to subjects studied, proficiencies met and hours of study are available. Please contact Leslie for further information.